The SHIHAN-KAI is comprised of K.I.S.A. members who hold 4th and 5th Degree Black Belts. 

The Shihan-Kai is supervised by and presided over by the President who selects yearly the instructors who will direct the various stages based on the technical objectives presented that year.

 All members of the SHIHAN-KAI have the right to vote.

The President of the SHIHAN-KAI or Technical Advisor is elected for a four year term and must have a 5th Degree Black Belt (the highest degree in the Shotokai school). He or she must be a member of and be elected by the SHIHAN-KAI.  

During the four-year term, the Shihan-Kai has the power, if necessary, to suspend the President and / or Technical Advisor and elect a new one. 

 The SHIHAN-KAI is responsible for the following tasks:

                - To establish, in September, the annual curriculum as well as the national and international technical calendar;

- To organize, plan and research the technical objectives of

Karate-do Shotokai;

- To study and learn from other disciplines in order to enrich the

practice of Karate-do Shotokai;

- To prepare the examination schedule; 

-To protect and share information with the Council of Black Belts “Kuro-Obi-Kai”

-To prepare future technical instructors of K.I.S.A.

The SHIHAN-KAI  convenes at the two Black Belt stsge held during the International Summer Competition.

They may also meet at other times as required.


Today the SHIHAN-KAI is composed as follows:

Rappresentative for Italy


Tecnical Director of  Shihan-Kai KISA

Black Belt 5. Dan

He was born in Corrmons - Gorizia - Italy on 17th june 1956.

He had his first approach to Martial Arts with JUDO in Trieste, town of his present day residence, in 1969, when he was fifteen years old,


After a short period of JUDO practice, he decided to give it up as he didn’t feel himself mature. But, in the meanwhile, he prepared his small constitution to face the Martial Arts in the future in a more complete way.  When he was approximately 18 years old, he began to practice KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI. At that time (1973) in Trieste there were only two KARATE-DO schools and the practice of SHOTOKAI style was not as developed as nowadays.


His intense and convinced daily constancy in the KEIKOS made him understand the richness of SHOTOKAI style under all its aspects. His first meeting with his MASTER - SENSEI TETSUJI MURAKAMI - (responsible of SHOTOKAI style in Europe) happened in France in 1978. This meeting will confirm his WAY in KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI.


In 1981 he opened his school called SUISHIN-KAN - the School of Pure Spirit. , with the help of his wife, who has always been near him in his research. This name was given by his Master.


At first the practice had place in public schools.


At the same time he intensely followed the Master Murakami teaching, and in 1986 he succeeded in satisfying the dream of opening his DOJO SUISHIN-KAN, which represented, as many people say (among which also Japanese experts) the traditional Japanese DOJO.


In the same year also Master Murakami satisfied a desire of his and organized a travel to Japan with a European group of SHOTOKAI practitioners. Giorgio Vecchiet was chosen by Sensei Murakami to demonstrate and represent European SHOTOKAI with a KATA in front of the Japanese highest experts of Fujitsu Dojo.

In spite of his bad health, Sensei Murakami gave to Giorgio Vecchiet the knowledge of Japanese Shotokai and this important appointment will be the last demonstration of his Master dressed in karategi


On the 24th of January 1987 his master died, at the age of sixty years old, with no few sufferings. His death is due to lung tumour. The loss of master Murakami shocked        Giorgio Vecchiet very much, but, at the same time, convinced him even more to study the SHOTOKAI evolution.


Due to the will of Master Murakami SHOTOKAI remained

without guide in Europe.


Many groups were inevitably formed all over Europe and among them the one that today Giorgio Vecchiet  represents  together with other Italian and foreign Masters.


Giorgio Vecchiet pursues unperturbed the teaching of Master Murakami, directing “stages” in Europe and trying to develop KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI in the chosen Way. After 20 years of teaching in his Dojo SUISHIN-KAN in Trieste and after 25 years of teaching, in a whole, today he is surrounded by 16 black belts and many practitioners, adults, adolescents and children who study together with him the WAY of SHOTOKAI


 Tecnical Coordinator of Shihan-Kai KISA

Black Belt 5. Dan

I was born in Trieste on 30.03.1959.

YEAR 1975 MONTH OF NOVEMBER I started Karate at TORA NO KAI school directed by  Sensei  Savino Mileto.

I decided to start karate casually, out of curiosity,  not for a specific interest, because to tell the truth, I knew very little about it. The dojo where I trained practiced the Shotokai style.

YEAR 1976 12 APRIL  exam for the  yellow belt, 3 SEPTEMBER  exam for the orange belt


 Before the training, while waiting to go into the dojo, we warmed up in the school  hall on the floor that in winter wasn’t too comfortable I practised willingly because the movements are faster than in the other styles of the same discipline and I appreciated the shortness of competition  present in the other schools. I particularly loved the seriousness of the practice and the application of the Budo, following the rules of the Sensei Murakami, and even though the trainings were hard and tiresome, I continued assiduously.


YEAR 1977 28 APRIL   exam for the  yellow belt

 YEAR 1978 2 JUNE   exam for the blue belt

 YEAR 1980 31 JANUARY     exam for the brown belt


FEBRUARY    I  started the activity with Sensei Giorgio Vecchiet, Sensei  Murakami’s  untimely death  and the Sensei Mileto’s  persistent signs of  wanting to change the style convince a sempai of this school to leave the TORA NO KAI school  and to start to train by himself with the aim of not getting influenced by the fashion and of not abandoning the  Shotokai style origins. Giorgio Vecchiet asked me to practice under his guidance. I accepted and we trained together for a certain  period of time in a small garage in a house on the outskirts of Trieste. It was a very engaging time and, even if the room was very small (to perform the katas was quite hard) we often trained and my knowledge of this art was progressively increasing but maintaining and also reinforcing, thanks to the experience of  the person who was guiding me, the philosophy and the technique of the traditional karate.     

YEAR 1981 I finished the activity with Sensei Giorgio Vecchiet. Other engagements forced me to stop the practice


YEAR 1987 MONTH OF NOVEMBER  I started the activity at SUISHIN-KAN school directed by Sensei Giorgio Vecchiet.

 I took again contact with Sensei Vecchiet who had just opened his dojo in via Valmaura. It was a big joy to me to start again under his guidance.


YEAR 1989 8 OCTOBER exam for BLACK belt  1 DAN

 It was a hard test preceded by a lot of months of  daily trainings both in dojo and in the open air and with its 20 Katas Taikyoku Shodan  performed on the first day of the stage  only to be allowed to do the exam.

So hard was the exam, so deep was my happiness and my satisfaction when the Sensei gave me the so yearned black belt.


YEAR 1993 26 JULY  exam for BLACK belt 2 DAN

YEAR 1997 29 JULY  exam for BLACK belt 3 DAN           

YEAR 2003 24 JULY    exam for BLACK belt 4 DAN

YEAR 2013 3rd FEBRUARY I received the Black belt 5. Dan

YEAR 2005 28 JULY   the new federation, founded by Sensei Vecchiet and  the chairwoman P.Claut,  was born.


After so many years passed in the  IKDS Federation, Sensei Vecchiet, who was one of the founder members ,  decided to propose with many sacrifices and a great sense of responsibility to the assembly a new organisation of the Technical Board  necessary to maintain the Murakami’s Shotokai style


A new Federation was born to which I’m happy to adhere sure that our Sensei’s experience and  devotion will give a new strong impulse to the Karate’s practise.

Rappresentative for Serbia


Tecnical Coordinator of Shihan-Kai KISA

Black Belt 5. Dan

Safet Ganibegovic was born in Vrazic, Sipovo’s municipal borough in Bosnia Erzegovina, on the 25th of december 1953.

He ended the primary school in Asipovo and continued his studies in Belgrade.

 He began the practice of Karatedo on september 1974.

His first teacher has been Borko Jovanovic.  In the same year, during a STAGE held by Master Tetsuji Murakami in Belgrade, he knew the Master himself.. From that moment they have always maintaine the contact.

 His progress in Karatedo has been so quick that he has been able to substitute his teacher Borko Jovanovic durin the trainings.

 His teacher leaved to the military service, then went definitively to America, so Safet Ganibegovic has  remained until today in the city of Belgrade to transmit the Shotokai style.


Tecnical Coordinator of Shihan-Kai KISA

Black Belt 5. Dan

I was born on the 11th of February 1963 in Beograd. I strated with Karate Shotokan in 1975 with Master Vladimir Jorge. In 1978 I began with Karatedo Shotokai with  Masters Vlado Cizmic and Borko Jovanovic. I received my yellow belt with my masters and other belts with Sensei Murakami. When Borko Jovanovic left Beograd for USA, our association continued under direction of Master Safet Ganibegovic.

In 1986 I become black belt 1. Dan. In the same period M. Safet left us for Algery and I manage the association during his absence.

From 1989 till now, this is 34 years I follow Sensei Giorgio Vecchiet with his International Federation K.I.S.A. and I’m Master in Tetsuji Klub Beograd with Nada Nakic.

My next steps with Black Belt are:

2011 Black belt 3. Dan

2013 Black Belt 4. Dan

2022 Black Belt 5. Dan

Rappresentative for Germany


Tecnical Coordinator of Shihan-Kai KISA

Black Belt 5. Dan